Privacy Policy

Please read this privacy policy carefully. This document contains all the information related to technology used on this website as well as practices of data collection and impact they may have on your privacy.

Data Collection, Cookies

This website uses third party plugins and software for marketing, advertising, analytics and other purposes. The software used on this website may use HTTP cookies and other means of logging the information about the visitors visits. The information about the visits may be collected by us, or third party software and service vendors and while it does not contain directly identifiable personal information, it is important to understand that some technical information such as I.P. addresses, OS versions and others may be collected. If you do not wish to allow cookies in your browser, you can disable them. Some information as I.P. addresses can be obtained by software and services used on this site without the use of cookies.

Email Privacy

It is not necessary to provide us with your email in order to use this website for information purposes, but if you wish to participate in contests, subscribe to our newsletter or allow us to get in touch with you - we may ask you for your email address and retain in in our records for sole purpose of communicating with you. We never sell, rent, lease or otherwise disclose your email to third parties without your consent. You may opt out of receiving emails from us by clicking an opt out or unsubscribe link provided in the email content.

Changes To This Document

Please note that changes can be made to this Privacy Policy without notice and please check back to read the updated version periodically. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.