Yankee Swap Gift Exchange

As the holiday season is getting closer and closer, everyone is eagerly getting ready for Christmas festivities. Presents are being purchased, ugly sweaters are being pulled out of the storage and perfect eggnog recipes are shared amongst friends and families. Everyone's favorite time of year is up ahead and with all the games, toys and gadgets to bring joy to the end of this year, there's one more beloved activity amongst others that is on our minds: The Yankee Swap!

This well known American tradition may have other names across the world, but the idea is the same: "To have fun, laugh, exchange gifts while we embarrass and annoy each other with with our gift stealing skills be it at the office party, at home with out families or with friends. Who would have thought that an early twentieth century gift exchange game would be so popular in the modern day?

If you are organizing or attending a Yankee Swap party and you have never done it before, don't panic, we have all the information you will need to understand the rules, pick the best Yankee Swap gift and enjoy an evening of fun! If you've been invited to a Yankee Swap and have never been part of one before, you might be asking yourself: "Should I go?" and the answer is a definite YES!

Why Play Yankee Swap?

First of all, playing Yankee Swap is a lot of fun, and this is not just us saying just to convince you. It's no coincidence that the Yankee Swap gift exchange is one of the most anticipated holiday parties at workplaces and offices. People love it because it offer element of surprise gifts, humor and entertainment value no other activity can match when it comes to seeing the face of your rivals when you steal the gift they wanted the most from them!

With Christmas comes all the beloved Christmas holiday and winter activities that we indulge in. Yankee Swap is yet another activity to participate and get into the Christmas spirit. Buying gifts for Yankee Swap is affordable. You can find the right present for $20 and even as low as 5 bucks!

Who does not love to laugh? Yankee Swap can be hilarious in the right setting with the right people. Everyone tries to bring funny or even embarrassing gifts, so you know there is a lot of laughter to be had! This holiday special event brings people together to share some of the happiest moments of our life. Participating in Yankee Swap means continuing the tradition that has grown stronger every year. Be a part of it, organize it and enjoy!


There are a few variations or "relatives" of Yankee Swap out there like "White Elephant", "Dirty Santa" and others, but there's something unique about the Yankee Swap gift exchange which is evident when we look at the history and origins of this Christmas game. While exact details can not be fully verified, there are a few solid theories as to how this tradition of swapping GAG gifts came to be and how it got it's name. Lt's explore the history and the origin of Yankee Swap and find out how it got it's name.

Rules And Themes

While there are many variations of the Yankee Swap Rules, it's worth mentioning that the most important ones are quite simple to follow and understand. First of all, everyone has to bring a gift to the exchange. otherwise there would not be enough gifts for everybody. Second, there should be some sort of agreement as to how much is spent on gifts or what type of gifts will be brought (A theme of sorts) and last but not least the rules say that names or numbers must be drawn to determine the order of players and gifts must be opened and swapped/stolen in sequence. As long as these rules are followed, there won't be any issues or misunderstandings. For detailed rules, variations and theme suggestions please visit our rules page. Once you have the rules down, it's time to pick a gift!

Gifts For The Exchange

Yankee Swap gifts are some of the most fun to exchange. They are fun, funny, often GAG items but sometimes they can be useful or desired. As a general rules, about 20 to 25 dollars are spent on such a present, but depending on your party's rules, the budget may vary. With the popularity of online shopping and the game becoming so widespread, there are more and more great Yankee Swap gift ideas available each year online. We have created a list of gifts and gift ideas ordered by maximum price that should make your shopping even easier this holiday season. Have a peak at these gifts and don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need more help or have a suggestion for a gift to be added to our gift list.


Do you have any questions regarding the Yankee Swap gift exchange tradition, rules or anything that's related to this wonderful yearly event? First, have a look at the frequently asked questions section, and if your answer is not found there, go ahead and drop us a message on our contact page.

Remember: Yankee Swap is more fun when more people play it. Invite more players to your party and share the information with them!

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